Made of non-corrosive materials: tempered glass and ceramics, with aluminum and stainless steel

Maximum surface temperature: 70 º C - glass and porcelain tile


- Analogue, by manual adjustment of temperature

- Digital regulation and control by remote control with LCD and programmable

Supply Voltage: 230Vac – 50Hz; Class II; P44;

Potencies: 100, 300 e 700W

It causes no electromagnetic disturbances

It complies the EN 60 335-2-30 Norm (Safety Requirements of the Low Voltage Directive)

NOTE: It is very important to do a thermal study of the scope for the application of devices, in order to monetize all the irradiated heat. The application can be made at any wall, requiring only four holes to install two steel bars, where will fit the glass or porcelain panel. It will be, posteriorly, screwed to the support bars, ensuring a secure attachment.