The Radiant Heating System Soluft AHT is the application of advanced technology on thermal comfort in dwellings and other buildings. It is basically heating floor, composed of amorphous metal bands associated to a mat, which helps on heating distribution. It is easy to place on, resembling the installation of a carpet or a floor covering or ceiling. It has 15 years warranty.

The Radiant Floor Soluft AHT operates through a ultra-thin metal band (1/1000 inch) - "Amorphous Heating Tecnology" - which creates heat, while saving energy. The mat generates, quickly, and quite uniform heat throughout the room. This system is the most efficient in heat producing, when compared to electrical heating cables, hydraulic or fireplaces embedded in cement.

The amorphous characteristic of the Underfloor Soluft AHT allows application in areas with different forms and is not restricted to factory dimensions.

This system does not need to be soaked in cement as the Cable Radiant Heating System, and the heating mats are immediately prior to the final finish (greater efficiency in heating, resulting in energy savings and costs).