Why are the new electric aluminum radiators a new concept of heating?

Saving: if the different rooms of a house, apartment or office are exposed to the sun at different times or different uses, we have the possibility of adapting the operating conditions of the appliance on an individual basis. The built-in digital thermostat allows daily and weekly temperature programming and periods of operation of the device in confort and economic mode.

Yield: the combination of the injected aluminum and the thermic fluid existing on the inside provides device heating, even after it has been switched off, guaranteeing therefore a high yield.

Easy Installation: It requires no kind of works, boiler, pipes or chimneys. The unit comes with 2 mounting brackets, whose placement on the wall is enough to make it ready to be used.

Warranty: The strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process and the use of certified components allow us to give two years warranty on electrical components and 10 years to the aluminum radiating elements.

Safety: moderate temperature outside the radiating elements aluminum provides safety and comfort to this heating system. It does not use liquid fuel or gas, which assures us maximum safety.