AHT beating the Eurocrisis “blues” in Portugal!

Portugal along with its Mediterranean “cousins” of Spain, Greece and Cyprus has been suffering greatly over the past few years because of crisis in the Eurozone. It is already well document that in countries facing recession there is a dramatic reduction of mass new-build “standard” housing, but at the same time there is a significant increase in new type “modular” housing and renovations. This significant change in the market favours immensely the AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon indoor heating mats, as they are the most ideal to provide the fastest and most economical heating. Therefore by installing AHT mats in shipping containers they were transformed in cheap modular houses which people can afford to buy and live a decent life with very little cost.

We would like to thank Mr Sergio Seco, Carolina Rodrigues and the rest of the Soluft team for their innovative ideas, hard work and absolute belief in AHT. As Sergio commented “Adversity is the mother of innovation and every day we find a new application for AHT in order to make people’s lives easier”.

Kyriacos Bilicos, 20th February 2014

Soluft at “Casa Ideal Climática” Fair

On the weekends of 4 to 6th and 11 to 13th October, Soluft will be at “Casa Ideal Climática” Fair.

The fair will take place in the heart of Famalicão – one of the Portuguese regions with more thermal oscillation, having temperature peaks like -3ºC or 40ºC. Famalicão is still a region with a great commercial and industrial growth, is provided with the best road accesses (A3 and A7), has a great young growth, and more individual housing and of numerous families.

The exposition takes place at “Lago Discount Ribeirão”, where there is about 3500 free parking spaces, 3 restaurants to 50m of distance, national road 14 to Famalicão, and also free entrance! In exposition, there will be products and materials from the most several areas: house climate (window frames, heating, coating/ pavements, insulation, etc), supporting and services industries, renewable energies, home automation, security, among others.

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Where there is a will, there is SOLUFT!

“The current Eurozone crisis started in September 2008 and one of the first countries affected almost immediately was Portugal and exactly at the same time AHT started working there with our partner Soluft Lda. Although the crisis has worsened and widened to include all the Mediterranean “cousins” of Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Italy, Soluft continued its work against all odds. By cleverly refocusing its marketing strategy towards both the Renovation as well as the Luxury Home markets, it has been able not only to stay alive but actually to expand its business and overall market share. It is already well document that in countries facing recession there is a dramatic reduction of mass new-build “standard” housing, but at the same time there is a significant increase in renovations. Also it has been widely observed that the Luxury Home market moves gradually away from the more expensive and less efficient water based floor heating to other less expensive and more efficient systems. On both of these new trends the AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon Heating System not only ticks all the boxes but is actually on top of the list, so there is no surprise to note that our presence in Portugal has increased significantly as well in all the other Mediterranean countries. We would like to thank Mr Sergio Seco and his Soluft team for their tireless work and complete belief in AHT. Special thanks go to Ms Carolina Rodrigues who has revolutionized the marketing activity for AHT in Portugal. As Sergio commented “Crisis or no crisis life goes on and as long as there is life there always will be AHT!”.”

Kyriacos Bilicos (proprietário OPUS Group, Chipre)