The system is known worldwide as LSF “Light Steel Framing”. Usually called steel structure because, as the name implies, this is a system that uses structural steel profiles that, shaped in a certain way, can offer a great mechanical strength with low weight.

The structural system we present you is based on the American building system, used for hundreds of years with modern parts, but because of the several problems this material presents a posteriori, like the aging of the structure and the florest area massive destruction, it was replaced by steel.

Steel is the most widely used construction material in the world and with greater expectation of use in the future, as it is more stable, versatile, have a long life and is 100% recyclable.

The finishes and topcoats of such structures are exactly the same as the traditional structures in reinforced concrete, with block/brick or metal structures coated metal panels, though, using some products and innovative techniques, more enhanced in functionality entire structural system to avoid cracks, leaks and other construction normal pathologies.

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