Dry walls, dry house!
The Drymat Unit was developed by 1 german engineer and 3 german professors to create a solution for rising damp problems which exist in many houses.

It is a small box generating low frequency magnetic pulses and it is connected to the 220 volt circuit. The magnetic pulses disorder the structure of the watermolecule, the angle between the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms changes, which changes the dipolarity of the watermolecule and now the water is drawn by the negative loaded earth. After 12 to 18 months the walls and foundation are dry and while the system keeps on working it prevents damp from starting to rise again.

Cappillarity as well as other natural processes cause water in masonry to rise up to considerable height. With the water, salt und pollutans permeating the walls. Now the Drymat® System comes into operation, mainly fighting against damp and saltpeter.

Satisfied Costumers: Geoffrey Fletcher (Cascais), Tim Butt (Vila Nova de Cacela - Tavira), Nico and Sjoukje Ruis (Alcantarilha), Anthony and Patricia Clifford (Gorjoes, Loule), Mr. Taugh and Mrs. Lindberg (Sao Bras de Aportel), Aurelio Vasconcelos de Almeida (Lagos).

The State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg

The first test installation was made in October 2005, the test run was finished in March 2006. Test records have shown that the degree of humidity of the walls has been reduced up to a third!