The ceramic membrane is a based on water composite product, which contains millions of ceramic microspheres under vacuum. This product works as a wall insulating coating (interior or exterior), which visually resembles to an ink, and in practice is applied as such.

After drying, it forms a membrane with 0,3 mm of thickness, thick and elastic, watertight and that allows, at the same time, the breathing of the walls.

It avoids formation of condensation on the walls, as well as mold formation, since it is able to manage the percentage of moisture in the air. Therefore, excess moisture is removed from the walls and returned to the atmosphere, which is decisive for the insulation effect - dry walls isolate better than wet walls.

Due to its insulating properties, and as proven in practice, this product may reduce heating costs in more than 30%! Also in the summer, the cooling costs can be reduced in 30%, particularly in regions with higher temperatures. The walls radiate a soothing freshness, making a very pleasant ambience, even in case of high temperatures outside.