The Central Vacuum System consists on the placement of vacuum plugs on strategic points of the house or apartment, connected to a Central Vacuum by PVC special tubes. To aspire just put the suction hose in any plug, and automatically the system becomes operational.

It is a system that provides a healthy environment, once it effectively removes all dust, dust mites, animal dander, or any other waste that may cause allergies. It is also very practical, since you do not have to carry the vacuum cleaner around the house: just move the hose suction to the division you want to clean and connect it to the plug! This prevents damage to the floor and also decreases by approximately 40% the aspiration time, since this system has a high suction power, providing effective and deep cleaning throughout the house.

It can be installed in many different environments: apartments, dwellings, residentials, industrial buildings, hotels, offices, churches, banks, schools, shops, laboratories, hairdressers, retirement homes, recreation centers, clubs, cinemas, theaters, supermarkets, children's centers, auditoriums, meeting rooms, warehouses, garages, bars, boats, and so on.